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7 Easy Steps of Verizon Email Password Reset


Are you looking for steps to Verizon Email Password Reset?

It is quite common to forget your password and it is a painful task to change it. And it is more annoying to know that the only possible solution is to reset the password which makes the process even more lengthy.

Well, whatever the scenario could be you must know that in Verizon Email Password Reset process, the password of all the sites such as VZ Navigator, Family Locator, Push to Talk, and Backup Assistant will be changed automatically.

And also while resetting the account, make sure that you have some information handy such as Verizon account username (which may not be the same as your email address), zip code, mobile number, and an answer to the security question that you might have selected.

If you are a Verizon Yahoo email account user follow the Verizon Email Password Reset steps

  1. On your browser, visit ‘Verizon’. Go to ‘My Account’ from the ‘Sign-in’ drop-down menu.
  2. When a new page opens, you need to enter your Mobile Number or User ID. Then click on the link ‘Forgot your Info?’
  3. Enter the 10 digits mobile number and click on ‘Continue’.
  4. Now, enter the 5-digit billing ZIP Code and click on ‘Continue’.
  5. Select a mode i.e. ‘as a text message’ or to ‘the billing address’ to send the temporary password and click on ‘Send Password’.
  6. Enter the temporary password and click ‘Sign-in’. And then you can enter the new password in ‘Create Password’ and ‘Confirm Password’ field.  
  7. Try logging in to check whether the new password works or not.

Apart from logging in via the previous method,  Use the ‘Password Reset Tool’ to reset the password.

Follow the steps below to resolve Verizon Email Password Reset.

  1. The former step is to go to ‘Password Reset Tool’.
  2. Then, provide a Verizon User ID and the zip code which you have used while registering your account.
  3. Press the ‘Continue’ button. Then follow through the on-screen instructions to get the new password.

Follow the above solutions to fix Verizon Email Password Reset, but if the issue still persists get in touch with Verizon Support Number and for further, any queries contact Verizon Customer Care Number Toll-Free at 18448985888. Read our Verizon Support series to solve similar issues.