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Solved: Amazon Fire Stick WiFi Connection Problems


The Amazon Fire Stick is a small device the size of a flash drive that plugs into an HDMI port of your TV. The Amazon Fire Stick enables any TV to stream content over WiFi. Many Amazon Fire Stick users face a massive problem that the Amazon Fire Stick has WiFi connection problems. Many of the times the problem with WiFi connection is the firewalls. You have to turn off the firewalls right and the WiFi gets connected to your Amazon Fire Stick. Let’s dig in deeper and find out how the Amazon Fire Stick WiFi connection problems should be resolved.

Things to Make Sure While Fixing Amazon Fire Stick WiFi Connection Problem

  1. Check for your password as passwords are case sensitive. Make sure you are entering the password correctly.
  2. Check for Network Specification Open, WEP, WPA-PSK, and WPA2-PSK encrypted networks, Hidden networks.
  3. Check for Router/ Modem Specification Wireless 2.5GHz and Wireless 5GHz.
  4. Check for your device setup. Make sure the batteries are seated well and there is no physical object that is blocking the WiFi signal.
  5. Make sure you are using HDMI extender or adapter as this improves your WiFi connectivity.
  6. Restart your Amazon Fire Stick and your router before troubleshooting any device setting.

Fixing Amazon Fire Stick WiFi Connection Problems Step 1

To reset your WiFi connection you need to log in to your router or modem. Search your modem model number in the google search box, read instructions and login to the WiFi backend panel.

Fixing Amazon Fire Stick WiFi Connection Problems Step 2

Type your Amazon Fire Stick model number with login (eg: arris 5bg6782 login) in the search box and press Enter. You then have to then click on the official website It is like an online manual. When you are at the official site, the first thing to login into your browser is to know your Modem Router IP Address. The other thing we need is our login information i.e. Modem Router Username and Password. Please note that the login information for your modem router is not the same as your Wifi login information. Check your manual that came with your device. The login information for your device should be there and other information to adjust your device settings.

Note: Some companies don’t really give the IP address especially if they reuse their vices. So, if you don’t have the IP address, just Google or click enter and you will go to the login page of your router. A username and password are there. Click on the apply button and that will bring you to your router settings eventually.

Fixing Amazon Fire Stick WiFi Connection Problems Step 3

The first thing after you login into your router settings is to check for firewalls. Click the Firewalls tab and go to Firewall settings. Select 3 firewalls namely IPsec Pass Through, PPTP Pass-Through and L2TP Pass-Through and deselect the rest and click apply. Restart your Amazon Fire Stick device and try to connect it your WiFi. There should be a WiFi connection in your device. If the device is not yet connected, deselect all the firewalls in your device Firewall settings, restart the device and connect it to the WiFi. Your Amazon Fire Stick WiFi connection problem should be solved 99% of the times here.

Fixing Amazon Fire Stick WiFi Connection Problems Step 4

If the Firewall settings didn’t work out for your device, you should try different connections namely Wireless 5GHz and Wireless 2.5GHz. You do not have to mess up with all the settings. Just change the security mode of the device to Open(Not Secure). Apply the change and this way your Amazon device will not ask for any password and will automatically connect to your WiFi.

If your Amazon fire stick is still not connecting to WiFi call Amazon Fire Stick Customer Care Service Experts  at +1-800-385-6297