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3 Easy Steps to solve the issue of Hotmail not Working in Mac


It is really painful to know that even if you are typing the correct password but your Hotmail not Working in Mac. If your Hotmail account has suddenly stopped working, it is unlikely that you find an easy solution for the issue Hotmail not Working.

You must remember a few things before you proceed further-

  • If you have Hotmail Account, shift it to Live Mail now. Also, if you use Hotmail Account then it should be in the settings on your Mac.
  • The apple has upgraded to OS El Capitan.
  • The Hotmail account which was previously available on Mac Mail as Pop Account is now as IMAP.

Outlined are the few solutions to overcome Hotmail not Working-

  • Step 1: Hotmail not Working- It is all about IMAP and Pop Settings. You must have set up your account with the help of Mac Mail and this account is still working on its original settings which are PoP Settings.
  • Step 2: Hotmail not Working- So cutting the long story short, Hotmail accounts are now on IMAP and the right method is to delete the Hotmail account completely from Mac Mail losing all your emails.
  • Step 3: Hotmail not Working- Follow a couple of steps to can change from PoP to IMAP on Mac without losing all emails-
  1. Export all emails: Click on Mail>Mailbox>Export Mailbox, which allows you to export all emails in one go. Make sure that you select all the emails, mark as ‘Unread’ by following the steps as Message>Mark>As Unread and keep the folder in a ‘mbox’ file.
  2. Disconnect your Hotmail Account from iCloud: If you are unsure of what to do next, it is advised to disengage from all the iCloud Services by following Mail>Preferences>Accounts, where you will see the setup. It will also give you the choice of either keeping the data or deleting it.
  3. Add a new email account: You can add your Hotmail back by going to Mail>Add Account. You can choose your ‘Other Mail Account’ and set up your Hotmail account.

In case if you are still looking for the solutions to resolve Hotmail not Working get in touch with Hotmail Email Support and for further queries contact Hotmail Customer Service Number at 18448985888. Read our Hotmail Support series to solve similar issues.