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Troubleshooting Smart Home Devices that Work with Alexa


In today’s scenario, you probably must be knowing that it is possible to use special apps to control your smart devices individually. But did you know that there is a more easy way through which you can connect all your smart devices to Amazon Echo and then instruct Alexa to take control over them through voice control? One of the best Alexa’s feature is her ability to act as a voice-controlled smart home hub for a wide range of devices. If your Amazon Echo is not connecting with smart devices, follow these tips-

Troubleshooting Smart Home Devices that Work with Alexa :

  1. Make sure your device is really compatible with the Amazon Echo.
  2. Your next step should be to follow the instructions for setting up the smart device before you ask Alexa to discover it. Download the Alexa companion app and go through it step by step.
  3. Make sure the devices are connected to the same WiFi network as your Amazon Echo is connected to and check for the most recent software updates for your devices.
  4. Next, open the app, press the menu button and search for the relevant manufacturer. Smart devices like Philips Hue can be connected with Echo just by instructing Alexa to “Discover devices” while you press the button on the device.

Did you know? 

The Alexa app enables you to link devices in a Group as well. You can also use Alexa voice controls to control multiple smart devices with a single command, such as “turn off the lights.”

If Alexa doesn’t recognize your commands, it may be because Alexa is failing to understand the group name of the smart device. Change the group name to something easy understandable and speak it clearly.

Note: If everything fails, you can rely on If This Then That (IFTTT) to help reduce the compatibility issues. Browse the official Alexa IFTTT channel. And if Alexa doesn’t support the device you want to connect with, create an IFTTT recipe to get connected. Go through some of the best IFTTT recipes.

Follow these steps, manage all your smart devices with Alexa and use it as a central hub for your smart devices. After all, nobody will want to switch between multiple apps a dozen times to control their smart devices when they can just ask Alexa to do it for them, right?

If you still face Amazon Echo Connecting Issues with Other Devices, you can call Amazon Echo Customer care service at +1-800-385-6297