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2 Easy Steps to Resolve the issue of Hotmail Account Recovery


Hotmail Account Recovery can be a task and the account recovery should be the last resort to get back to your account. Start with resetting your password and go through the troubleshooting steps. In case you can’t reset your password, use the recovery form to verify your account.

Before you begin make sure that the account recovery form works, provide answers to questions that your account can answer and then the team will respond within 24 hours with instructions so that you can get back to your account.

Some of the technical issues which can occur while accessing Hotmail-

  • Error in receiving or sending emails
  • Hotmail Account Hacked
  • Forgot Password Issue
  • Technical Errors in Junk Mail
  • Issues in Spam Filtering
  • Hotmail Account Blocked
  • Attachment Issues in Hotmail
  • Compatibility Issues in Browser like Mozilla, Google, etc.

The article will give you insight. Also, it offers you tips and tricks to resolve the issue of Hotmail Account Recovery.

Step 1: Hotmail Account Recovery- Make sure to keep certain tips in the mind
  1.  Use a recognizable computer: It is advised to fill out the form in the computer that you have used earlier to sign-in.
  2.  Always give a working email: Make sure to give the apt email so that the results of your recovery request can be given to you.
Step 2: Hotmail Account Recovery- Fill the recovery form.
  1.  Go to the official website of Outlook and fill the recovery form and enter the asked information.
  2.  Enter the valid e-mail id through which you can be contacted and enter the characters you can see on screen and then click on ‘Next’.
  3.  A screen will pop up to verify the email address, click on the ‘Verify’ and you will be asked to answer several questions about yourself and select ‘Submit’ when you are finished.

Tips to Hotmail Account Recovery- Tips to fill the account recovery form

You can review the below tips to help pass the recover from-

  • If you are using an account mainly to play Xbox. Contact Xbox Support and provide them with your Xbox Device ID to ease the account recovery process.
  • Make sure that you are using correct domain; Check that you are using correct domain since email is country specific.
  • Complete the form from a secure device. Complete the form from a secured network connection. This helps in identifying the location easily.
  • Answer the questions as accurately as possible: The questions are important to identify your account. Leave a blank in case the question is not applicable to your account.

In case if you are still looking to resolve Hotmail Account Recovery, get in touch with Hotmail Phone Number and for any further queries feel free to contact Hotmail Customer Service Number at 18448985888Read our Hotmail Support series to solve similar issues.