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Easy Solution of QuickBooks Payroll Not Calculating Taxes In 5 Minutes


You may come across that despite payroll subscription being active which one can check from the Accounting/Billing Information, the problem is with the update of payroll and probably that is why the issue of QuickBooks payroll not calculating taxes still prevails. For the same a renewal is required if the subscription has gone inactive.

Make sure that something odd has not occurred in the employee’s payroll record because the chances of an unexplained fault play with the system are more.

When QuickBooks downloads an update of the payroll tax tables, a payroll can get stuck if the payroll is not fully installed. Payroll gets stuck when you have started and left. The people are facing big time issue with the payroll update. Although this is an issue that most users can resolve themselves but QuickBooks are known for causing such issues.

Rectifying the mess

The case will highly depend upon how many employees have improper computation and how good you are at computing tax. The possible errors that may appear are:

  • The tax amount showing $0.00
  • The tax collected is wrong. It is over collected or under collected.
  • The tax item does not show on paycheck.
  • The tax amount continues to collect after annual limit has been reached.

The possible solutions for the above issues are laid below:

If your employee’s date is wrong

  • Verify accuracy of taxes steps in the employee profile.
  • Verify the taxes setting for payroll items
  • Verify that you have entered correct taxes.

Unable to discover the cause of discrepancy

  • Review your data and locate the source.
  • Fix the employee tax discrepancy issue.

At the end please ensure that you do not have damaged file. Run the Verify Data to detect data damage and run ‘Rebuild Data’ too.

If you still have questions regarding QuickBooks payroll not calculating taxes, please contact QuickBooks Support. In case you have any queries, feel free to contact to our QuickBooks Support Number at  1-844-898-5888.