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Quick ways to run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool


On Windows operating system, Norton Remove and Reinstall tool uninstall and reinstall Norton security products. Usually, when Norton products are uninstalled, the latest version is installed.

Before we begin, make sure that you have an active internet connection, the tool does not remove Norton Family and the tool does not remove Norton Identity Safe Vault.

You can follow the steps below to successfully download and run Norton Remove and Reinstall tool in Windows.

  1. Download Norton Remove and Reinstall tool and save the file to the Desktop. In some browsers, the file will save to its default location automatically.

Open the Windows in browser, press ‘Ctrl+J’ key and double click the ‘NRnR’ icon and click ‘Agree’.

  1. Click Norton Remove and Reinstall. In case your Norton product is from your service provider, you may come across ‘Remove’ button.
  2. Click on ‘Continue’ or ‘Remove’ and click ‘Restart Now’. You can follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall Norton.

Highlighted below are the steps to manually uninstall the Norton for Mac:

  1. Download ‘’ file.
  2. Click on ‘Finder’ icon in the Dock.
  3. On the menu, go to the ‘Downloads’ folder.
  4. If the file has been downloaded using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, double click on ‘’ file to expand it and then open the file in the folder. But if you have downloaded the ‘’ file from Safari browser you can directly open the folder.
  5. In the ‘’ folder click on ‘’ file and then click on ‘Open with’ > ‘Terminal’. Make sure that you are logged in from your administrator account.  
  6. Type your administrator password in the ‘Terminal window’ and then press return. There will be no appearance of characters once you type the password.
  7. Type 1 to remove all Symantec files and Type 2 if you want to quit ‘’ without removing the file. And press ‘Return’. ‘’ removes all the Symantec files.
  8. Once, all the Symantec files are removed type ‘y’ in the ‘Terminal Window’ and restart your Mac. Make sure to save your work in other applications.

If you are still have any queries related to Norton Remove and Reinstall tool, contact Norton Tech Support Number. And in case if you face any other issues get in touch with Norton Antivirus Support Phone Number at 1-844-898-5888.