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5 Methods to Fix Yahoo Mail not Working on IPhone


Well, it can be really disappointing that an important email is lying on the email and you are not able to access the emails through your iPhone. The annoying situation of Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone can be really disappointing and time-consuming.

The junk email might be working but not the inbox and you might have tried removing and rebooting several times, but nothing works.

Mostly the app issues are caused by invalid settings or if something is wrong with Yahoo Mail.

Method 1: Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone Check if your account works outside the app

Open a web browser and log in to Yahoo Mail Account. You can compose your new email and add your address in the ‘To’ field. Try sending the email and check for its arrival within 5 minutes.

In case, if you face any issue you can address those before the account works in an app.

Method 2: Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone- Update the operating system

Using the latest version of the iOS usually fixes all the major problems.

Method 3: Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone- Remove and re-add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail

Usually, the settings that connect Yahoo Mail to the app can be corrupt or incorrect.

Steps to Remove Yahoo Mail account from iOS Mail-

Most of the time, Apple mobile devices come with a pre-installed email app and the app would not give an access to the advanced features which are found in Yahoo Mail app but you can add a number of Yahoo Mail accounts to send and receive emails from it.

    1. Using the iOS automated setup add a Yahoo Mail account:

      Open the app in iOS and go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords>Add Account>Yahoo.  Enter your Yahoo mail address, password, and tap on ‘Sign-in’. You can also disable Yahoo mails from syncing.

    2. Add a Yahoo Mail Account using IMAP Settings:

      Open the app in iOS and go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords>Add Account>Other and enter your full name and password and click on ‘Next’. Enter your IMAP Settings, email address and password for outgoing and incoming servers. Make sure that ‘Use SSL’ is on and ‘Server Port’ is 587 and tap on ‘Done’.

    3. To get a timely notification, update fetch settings: 

      Yahoo Mail is designed to work with Fetch which checks for new emails at regular intervals. Also, iOS supports two type of email notification i.e. Push and Fetch. You are required to open the app in iOS and go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords>Fetch New Data and click on time interval at the bottom. Select the ‘Fetch’ by tapping on your Yahoo Mail Account.

    4. Remove Yahoo Mail account:

       Open the app on iOS and go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords and lick on Yahoo Mail Account and ‘Delete Account’.

Method 4: Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone- Add Yahoo Mail to iOS Mail with IMAP

You can also enter manually if the automated process fails to obtain the correct server info. Remove your Yahoo Mail Account from iOS Mail.

Set up an account manually in iOS-

  1. Go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords>Add Account and if you are using iOS 10.3.3 or earlier, you can go to Settings>Mail>Accounts and click on ‘Add Account’.
  2. Tap on Other>Add Mail Account and fill out all the basic information and click on ‘Next’. Click on ‘Done’ to finish the setup process.

Method 5: Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone- Use Yahoo Mail app

If you are not able to connect to iOS Mail App then there might be something wrong with the device and you can still access Yahoo Mail by downloading the Yahoo Mail App.

Follow the above solutions to fix Yahoo Mail not Working on iPhone, but if the issue still persists get in touch with Yahoo Support Number and for further, any queries contact Yahoo Customer Care Number Toll-Free at 18448985888. Read our Yahoo Support series to solve similar issues.