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How to Fix “HP Printer Printing Blank Pages” Issue!


You might come across that your printer is not working or printed output is missing the color ink. There could be a possibility that the printer is not working and the printed output is blank. The most common case is HP Printer printing blank pages. The inside frame may also be moving but nothing is printing. To resolve this, use genuine HP Cartridges. You can also remove the black cartridge and instead print with tri-color cartridge. Replace the empty or defective cartridges. Sometimes, cleaning the printhead may resolve the concern. 

Below are the framed causes for HP Printer printing blank pages:

  • Protective Tape: Make sure that protective tape is in the place.

    Cause -1 HP Printer Printing Blank Pages
    Cause -1 HP Printer Printing Blank Pages
  • Out of ink: Check if there is enough ink and you are not out of the ink.

    Cause-2 HP Printer Printing Blank-Pages
    Cause-2 HP Printer Printing Blank-Pages
  • Defective toner Cartridge: If your toner cartridge is defective, replace it at the earliest and install a new toner cartridge.

    Cause-3 HP Printer Printing Blank Pages
    Cause-3 HP Printer Printing Blank Pages
  • Voltage Power Supply is Defective: The power supply circuit is defective. The possible reason is that it is not supplying the correct negative voltage. The best solution can be to replace it with the High Voltage Power Supply.

    Cause-4 HP Printer Printing Blank Pages
    Cause-4 HP Printer Printing Blank Pages

The solutions for the above possible causes can be as listed below :

Solution 1: Use genuine cartridges

Use genuine ink or toner supplies. Local cartridges do not guarantee the quality of their products. Know the authenticity of the product before buying.

Solution 2: Check estimated ink levels and then replace any low or empty cartridge

Ink level indicators provide estimates for planning purpose. When the ink level is shown less, you can replace the cartridge to avoid any printing delays.

Solution 3: Clean the printhead by using an automated tool

The printhead could be clogged if you have printing issues. Hence, run an automated tool to clean the printhead. You might need to clean printhead several times to restore the print quality. 

Solution 4: Replace the problem cartridge once the issue is identified

If cleaning does not resolve the issue, then identify the cartridge which is causing an issue and replace that cartridge.

Solution 5: Service the printer

In case your printer does not work well, schedule a repair or replacement. Keep a print sample that shows the problem. If the ink cartridge is replaced under warranty the agent might ask for the print sample.

Solution 6: Print in backup mode

If you need an immediate print and quality of the print is not a concern, then print in backup mode. You can always print in ink backup mode. You can simply remove the problem cartridge and print with the remaining cartridge. If you have tri-color cartridge, printouts will be in grey-scale but if you remove the black cartridge, the product prints slowly and colours might differ.

Solution 7: Use Printer Troubleshooter

Try the Printer troubleshooter which will automatically diagnose and fix the problem. Open the Printer Troubleshooter by clicking on the ‘Start’ button, and then clicking on the Control Panel. Search for Troubleshooter and click ‘Troubleshooting.’ Click on ‘Use a printer’ under Hardware and Sound.

Solution 8: Enable Spooler Service

You can also enable the spooler service and clear Printer Spooler files. Log in as an administrator. Open the administrative tools by clicking the Start button and then clicking on the Start Panel. Double click on ‘Services’. Type the password for confirmation, if you are prompted to do so. Click on ‘Print Spooler’ Services and then go to ‘Properties’. Make sure that the Automatic is selected on the general tab. Click start and press Ok, if the service is not running. Or else type the password and provide confirmation, if you are prompted for the same.

Solution 9: Clean nozzle

Try cleaning the cartridge nozzles. The ‘Control Program’ option can do the needful.

In case if you are coming across that there are blank pages coming out while printing the document, you need to fix some settings. Both Windows and Mac have developed settings to ensure that you print pages effortlessly from the document-


Open ‘Printing Preferences’ and tap on ‘Maintenance’. Go to Settings and select ‘Skip Blank Page’ and save your settings by tapping on ‘Ok’.


Open ‘Finder’ and select ‘System Preferences’. Go to ‘Print and Scan’ option.

Following the above-listed solutions should resolve your issue of HP Printer printing blank pages. For further any queries, contact HP Printer Support at HP Printer Support Number at  1-844-898-5888. And for any further queries, feel free to contact HP Printer Customer Service at 18448985888. Read our  Printer Support series to solve similar issues.