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Easy Steps on How to reset Hotmail password


Are you frequently facing the issue to reset Hotmail password? Here is a proper tech assistance to overcome the issue.

You can easily reset Hotmail password by following some easy steps. Hotmail has modified the name to Outlook but nevertheless, it could also be accessed via Outlook which is the sign in the webpage. Your Hotmail Account works with the Outlook.

Outlined are the steps below to navigate you on how to reset Hotmail password on Windows:

  1. You now have 30 days to reactivate your account, after which permanent closure shall take place.
  2. Beneath the email and password, click on ‘Can’t Access your account’ link. Select ‘Forgot my Password’ and click on ‘Next’. Enter the Hotmail address, fill out ‘Captcha’ and click on ‘OK’.
  3. Choose an option of verification and confirm your identification with Microsoft so as to receive a password reset code.
  4. In case if you have given a secondary email in your account, you will get your verification code on that email. Once you have decided the verification technique you can retrieve your code to password reset page. Check your emails well to retrieve the verification code. Also, you can update your email section to successfully receive the mail.
  5. Open the page and enter your code and also you can begin the account retrieval method all over again and select the same contact method if you have closed the verification web page.  
  6. Once you have entered the verification code, you can create a new password to get entry to your Hotmail account and click there to develop a strong and memorable password.  
  7. You can log in to your account, after setting up the password and you can use it to access your Hotmail account from the Outlook sign in the page.
If you are looking to reset Hotmail password in your desktop you can follow the above steps. But, to reset Hotmail password on your cell phone, follow the underlaid steps.
  1. Click on ‘Outlook’ icon on your phone and sign into your Outlook on your smartphone or tablet. If you are signing up for the first time, enter your email address and click on ‘Add Google Account’.
  2. You will be automatically redirected to a page asking to ‘Enter Password’. Click on ‘Forgotten my Password’. Further, enter the characters you see and click on ‘Next’.
  3. Choose the mode of getting your identity verified. Then put in your email to complete the hidden part and click on ‘Send Code’.
  4. Open the email, and copy the code. Then, you need to enter the code and click on ‘Next’ and if your code is correct, it will take you to the password reset page.
  5. You can type your ‘New Password’ and tap on ‘Next’.

You can now log in to your Hotmail Account.

The above steps can be followed to reset Hotmail password in Windows and your mobile phone. In case, if you are still looking to resolve reset Hotmail password feel free to contact Hotmail Support.  And for further any query, please contact our team, Hotmail Support Phone Number at 18448985888 . Read our Hotmail Email Support series to solve similar issues.