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How to disable McAfee in quick steps


Are you looking on steps on How to disable McAfee? 

Although McAfee helps to protect your sensitive data and business computers from most of the cyber attacks. But however, McAfee can also block a clean file that contains some virus. If you want to work with that file, you can disable the McAfee virus protection. After a certain period of time, McAfee resumes the real-time virus protection.

That is why it is important to disable McAfee. Below is a step by step guide on How to disable McAfee

How to disable McAfee on Windows-

  1. Click on windows logo and start the windows.s
  2. In ‘Start’ tab, type ‘McAfee’ and your computer will search for the McAfee program.
  3. Select ‘McAfee Total Protection’ at the top of Start window with the subheading ‘Desktop App’.
  4. Click on ‘PC Security’ option and select ‘Real-time Scanning’.
  5. Select ‘Turn Off’. It will ask to set a real-time and you can set the time accordingly. The default is set for 15 minutes but if you want to disable McAfee until you turn it on manually, select ‘Never’ in the time limit.
  6. Once you have turn-off Real-time scanning you can exit the window.
  7. Click on ‘Firewall’ option and select ‘Turn Off’. If your Firewall page is blank, your McAfee is already off.
  8. Select a time limit and click on ‘Turn Off’. It will disable the McAfee firewall until the time limit expires.
  9. Exit the window and click on ‘Automatic Updates’.
  10. Select ‘Turn Off’ and exit the automatic update page. Choose ‘Scheduled Scans’ and click on ‘Turn Off’.
  11. All of McAfee’s services are disabled now and if everything else fails, you can disable McAfee by uninstalling it completely.

How to disable McAfee on Mac-

  1. Click on the McAfee icon and in case if you don’t see the icon search for ‘McAfee’ and select ‘Internet Security’ option.
  2. Select ‘Total Protection Console’ and click on ‘Home’ tab.
  3. Click the gear icon and select ‘Real-time Scanning’. The real scan timing will open and you can disable the Real-Scanning Time. To do so, click on the lock icon and enter your administrator password.
  4. Click on ‘Firewall’ and disable McAfee’s Firewall, in the same way, you disabled real-time scanning.
  5. Select ‘Gear’ icon and click on ‘Automatic Updates’. It will be disabled in the same way as real-time scanning and the firewall.
  6. Select ‘Scheduled Scans’, type your username and password and click ‘Ok’.
  7. Click on ‘Weekly’ tab and then click on ‘McAfee Site Advisor’. The site advisor is responsible for McAfee in your device.
  8. You can disable the Site Advisor and enter your administrator password.
  9. You can close the settings window and your McAfee should be disabled completely.

The above-listed issues and corresponding solutions should help you to overcome your concern of How to disable McAfee. In case, the issue persists, get in touch with McAfee Support Number and for any other queries contact McAfee Support Phone Number at 1-844-898-5888. Read our McAfee Support series to solve similar issues.