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How to connect Brother Printer to Laptop


Are you not sure of How to connect Brother Printer to Laptop?

Are you unable to connect your laptop to your printer?

Well, it is an undisputable fact that Brother Printer is a great option but it gets really confusing when it comes to connecting your printer to the laptop.

Thankfully, Brother Printer offers user-friendly printers with plug and play options which allows you to connect your laptop to the printer easily.

You can quickly resolve your query How to connect Brother Printer to Laptop by following the steps below-

Step 1: Visit ‘’ and at the bottom of the page, double-click on ‘Downloads’ link.

Step 2: Choose ‘Select Product Group’ and go to ‘Printers’. Select your printer model and to proceed further hit the ‘view’ button.

Step 3: Choose your computer’s operating system and select the language. Click on ‘Search’ button and download the suitable driver for your computer.

Step 4: Connect one end of your USB Cable to the port on Brother Printer and another end of USB Cable to the available port on the computer. USB Ports are usually situated near audio jacks and power cable. Then, restart your device.

Step 5: Switch on your computer and printer to establish the USB Connection.

The above-mentioned steps should help you overcome your query of How to connect Brother Printer to Laptop. The above steps can connect Brother Printer to any laptop.

But in case if you want to connect Brother Wireless Printer to Laptop, follow the steps below-

  1. Switch on your laptop and your router. Then, power on the printer and navigate to ‘Menu’ of your printer.
  2. Go to Network> WLAN> Setup Wizard. When you view the phrase ‘Network I/F switched to Wireless’, click ‘Enter’.
  3. You can find your network in the results and then can click on ‘Enter’. You can click ‘Enter’ again and look for the encryption type of network.

The above steps can be followed to fix How to connect Brother Printer to Wifi. In case you are still looking for solutions, get in touch with Brother Printer Support.  And for any further queries, feel free to contact Brother Printer Customer Service at 18448985888. Read our Brother Printer Support series to solve similar issues.