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Easy steps on How to Change Yahoo Password


Are you worried about your Yahoo account? Are you looking for steps on How to Change Yahoo Password?

Well, there can be multiple reasons to change your Yahoo Password but most common can be that you have forgotten or someone else has accessed your account.  With the advent of various hacks, it has become quite easy to quickly change your password.

How to Change Yahoo Password on Desktop

  1. In your computer browser go to ‘Yahoo’ and a login page will be opened.  Enter your email ID, click on the link ‘Trouble Signing in’ and you will be taken to the ‘Account Recovery Page’.
  2. Enter Yahoo phone number that you have used to sign up for Yahoo. Alternatively, enter recovery email address and then click on ‘Continue’.
  3. Click on ‘Yes, text me an Account Key’ and Yahoo will send a code to your selected phone number.
  4. Type the account key code in the text box on the ‘Verify’ Page.
  5. Click ‘Verify’ to move to the account selection page.
  6. Select the account for which you want to change the password and this will log you into the selected account.
  7. Click on ‘Create a new password’ and enter your password twice. Make sure that both entries match and you can also double-check your password by clicking on ‘Show Password’ option.
  8. Click Continue>Looks Good when prompted. This ensures successful password change. Log in again to ensure successful password change.

How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone or iPad:

You have recently updated and changed your email account’s password, but when it comes to updating the password on your iPhone, it is no easy way to do so since there is no entry field on your device settings.

Below are the outlined steps on How to Change Yahoo Password-

  1. Visit the bottom of your Mail App and look for a message indicating that there is an Account Error. Click on the blue text and update your latest password.
  2. Restart your device and check if your account is active. You can try a forced restart if regular does not work.
  3. It is advised to delete the problematic account and you are required to add it back by going to Settings>Accounts and Passwords.

Why is there not an Option on How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone?

On an iPhone, you will not be able to see an ‘Update Password’ field because Apple assumes that we manage our passwords through the website rather than our iOS device settings.

It might sound bit confusing but Apple does not show your account password because once you have done the setup on your device it automatically syncs with the email provider.

How to Change Yahoo Password on Android-

It is an easy step-by-step guide on successfully changing the password and traced below are the steps on How to Change Yahoo Password

  1. On your Android device, click on Yahoo Mail App. Once you have opened the app, the dashboard will appear on your screen.
  2. Click on the three horizontal line to open the menu. Then click on ‘Manage Account Options’ and go to ‘Account Info Page’.
  3. On Account Info Page, go to Security Settings and here you need to confirm your identity by entering the valid password.
  4. Click on ‘Password Change’ and activate your account key. Tap on ‘Change Yahoo Mail Password’ and you can enter a new password. Click on ‘Continue’ to successfully change the password.

How to Change Yahoo Password if I don’t have the old Password-

You might be coming across various false notions that you cannot change the Yahoo password as long as you don’t know the current password.

Well, breaking the ice you can still change your password if you don’t know the previous one. Enable the Yahoo account key feature and after that, you can follow the above steps to change the password. 

Enhance Yahoo Account Security-

Changing your Yahoo Mail password is not the only option to make your account secure. This is done to prevent any kind of data loss in case of unauthorized access. But there are other methods too to safeguard your Account. You can follow these steps to secure your account-

  • Check your ‘Yahoo Account Info Page’ to identify the suspicious activity in your email account from different locations.
  • Update ‘Yahoo Security Settings’ on a regular basis since it will enable 2-step verification and will prevent unauthorized access.

Henceforth, change your passwords every month, so that you can be ahead of the curve and your personal information will be at minimal risk.

Are you still looking for answers to How to Change Yahoo Password? You can get in touch with Yahoo Support Team for any other queries. Feel free to contact Yahoo Customer Care Number Toll-Free at 18448985888. Read our Yahoo Email Support series to solve similar issues.