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How to Change Yahoo Email Address


Are you also looking for solution to How to change Yahoo email address?

Well, it can be really annoying when you need to change email addresses and since most email services do not allow you to change email address, you have to create an all new account and then migrate your information. You can make the process less cumbersome by setting up proper forwarding and informing.

Once you have made the switch you can keep your old account active so that you can ensure that you have received the old messages.

Below are the steps you can follow to resolve How to change Yahoo email address-

Step 1 : How to change Yahoo email address- Create a new address

Usually email services do not allow to change the existing email address. You will need to create a new account in order to change your email address. You can also keep your email address same.

Step 2 : How to change Yahoo email address- Set up Account

Visit to Yahoo’s home page and click on ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Create Account’ button. You will be prompted to create an account and you are required to fill your basic information.

Set a strong and new password and once everything is done log into your new account.

Step 3 : How to change Yahoo email address- Import your old email accounts

Yahoo allows you to import your old email accounts which will automatically transfer your contacts and messages.

You are required to click Gear button and select Settings> Accounts and Import>Import mail and contacts. Yahoo Mail supports Gmail, Outlook, Aol and other Yahoo accounts. Once you have added an account, you can send mail using new or old address.

Step 4 : How to change Yahoo email address- How to change Yahoo email address 4: Import your contacts

You need to export your contacts from your new email account and when you export your contacts, a file will be given which will contain all contacts information and then you will be able to import the file in your new account.

Step 5 : How to change Yahoo email address- Set up mail forwarding

It is advised to set up mail forwarding on your old email service in order to ensure that you receive all of your messages. This will give you an assurance that messages sent to your recent address are delivered just in case you forgot to update associate address for an account.

Follow the above steps to know the solutions for How to change Yahoo email address. But if the issue still persist, get in touch with Yahoo Support Number and for any further queries Yahoo Customer Care Number Toll Free at 18448985888. Read ourYahoo Email Support series to solve similar issues.