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Easy hacks to resolve Canon Printer not Responding


While making an attempt to print, you may come across the issue of Canon Printer not Responding. If you are experiencing working issues on a regular basis, go through the article and resolve the issue.

The reasons can differ from something very simple as the printer not being connected to the printer or loose connection to the printer or maybe it might not be switched on.

There can be a lot of other reasons for Canon Printer not Responding, for e.g., your wireless Canon printer not connected properly or you might be using an outdated printer might not be allowing you to print flawlessly. Sometimes the possibility could be that the printer is not able to detect the right network.

Well whatever the cause can be, it is important to find some effective steps which will help to resolve the issues with ease.

The common error faced and the corresponding solutions in Canon Printer not Responding can be-

  • The router and computer have lost connection. You can try restarting your computer and then make an attempt to print again.
  • The signal strength is low due to the router being placed at the distance. It is advised to move the printer closer to the wireless router.
  • The router and printer are not communicating: In most of the cases, the major culprit is lack of communication between the router and printer. If that is the issue, follow the below steps to resolve the issue. 
    • Tap on the ‘Setup’ button and go to ‘Wireless LAN Setup’.
    • Choose ‘Easy Setup’ and confirm your choice by selecting ‘Ok’. 
    • Select the access point and type the Wi-fi password.
    • Insert the setup disk in your PC. Run the setup program and install the Canon Printer to your device. 
    • Select Easy Install’ and click on ‘Install’. Find a ‘Printer on Network’ on a new page. Click on the option before proceeding to the next troubleshooting steps.
    • Start the installation process by clicking on ‘Next’ and wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
    • Run a test print job and see if the canon printer not responding is resolved.
  • On your computer, the firewall may be blocking ports for communication with the printer

    Configure your firewall so that it can communicate with the ports and programs which are necessary for communication. Make sure that they are not blocked by any security or firewall programs. This will enable printing and scanning to function properly.

  • The Canon Wireless Printer is not detecting nearby access points.
    In case if you have inadvertently selected the wrong access point, you can correct the same. Confirm the network name which matches your selected printer and with the computer. You can make the changes by selecting correct SSID (Network Name) to use on a wireless router.
  • Restart the Print Spooler Service: The Print Spooler manages your prints and takes care of communication between the printer and computer. The Canon Printer might not be responding because service is not working properly. Reset the service to see if this fix your printer. To reset the printer, follow the steps below-
    • On your keyboard, press ‘Windows logo’ and ‘R’ at the same time and type ‘services.msc’. Press ‘Enter’ on the keyboard and this will open the ‘Services Window’.
    • Select ‘Print Spooler’ and click ‘Restart’. Check to see if your printer is able to print.
  • Configure the correct printer port:

    It might be possible that you are using a wrong port for your printer. Change the settings of your printer-

    • Press the ‘Window logo’ and ‘R’ simultaneously.
    • Type ‘Control’ and press ‘Enter’. Choose ‘Devices and Printers’ and select your printer.
    • Click on ‘Printer Properties’ and press ‘Change Properties’.
    • Select ‘Port’ tab and check in the port that contains the name of your printer. It must have ‘USB’ and ‘DOT4’ if you connect your printer with USB and if you are using a network printer it must have ‘WSD’, ‘Network’, or ‘IP’. Once done, click on ‘Apply’.
    • Check whether you have made the right change or not by doing a ‘Print Test Page’.
  • Update your Printer Driver: You might be using a wrong printer driver or it is out of date. Update your canon printer driver to the latest version.

The above listed are few errors and corresponding solutions to them. In case if you are facing issue regarding Canon Printer not Responding, feel free to get in touch with Canon Support. And for further any queries, get in touch with Canon Printer Support Phone Number at 18448985888. Read our Canon Printer Support series to solve similar issues.