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5 Easy steps to fix Hotmail not sending emails in Iphone


 You might be coming across the constant concern of Hotmail not sending emails i.e. you can receive emails but are unable to send it. This particular issue has been causing concern to a lot of users around the world. The most possible reason could be the problem of communication between Outlook and outgoing mail server. Sometimes email do get stuck in Outbox and is unable to connect to the mail server to send it.

So in case if you are facing an issue of Hotmail not sending emails there is a simple solution that fixes the issue and the issue does not affect Gmail or iCloud accounts and the issue is with the password in the outgoing mail settings for an email account.

 Follow the underlaid steps to fix Hotmail not sending emails-

  1. First of all, access your phone settings and tap on ‘Mail’ to access your mail settings.
  2. Tap on ‘Accounts’ and click on the affected mail account. Click on the email account to move to the next screen.
  3. In the Outgoing Mail Server Section, click on ‘SMTP’ followed by clicking on the ‘Primary Server’ section.
  4. List the email address in the ‘User Name’ field. Re-type the password in ‘Password’ field and tap ‘Done’ in the right corner.
  5. Retype the password to fix it. Somehow many email accounts retain the correct password to receive emails. the correct password does not transfer to the outgoing email settings.

Re-enter the password, you should then be able to send the emails without any problems. Furthermore, if you are still facing the issue of Hotmail not sending emails, feel free to get in touch with Hotmail Email Support and in case of any further queries, contact Hotmail Customer Service Number at 18448985888 . Read our Hotmail Email Support series to solve similar issues.