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101: Fix Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issue


These days people have major concerns of Epson printer not printing black. The different kind of users are facing this issue because the printer is printing with black ink when color ink cartridges are expanded. But following few steps could save you the trouble.  


Underlaid are the few steps for the issue Epson Printer not Printing Black to print in Black in Windows :

  1. Click ‘Stop’ or ‘Cancel Print’, to cancel the print job, when the monitor tells you to do so.
  2. Load plain paper
  3. Access the printer settings.
  4. Select plain paper or Envelope as Type Settings.
  5. In Print Options, select the Grayscale checkbox.
  6. Close the printer settings window by clicking OK.
  7. Print the file.
  8. On your computer screen, the status will be displayed.
  9. Click on ‘Print in Black’ to print with black ink.  

Below are the steps for Epson Printer not printing Black to print in Black in Mac OS X :

  1. Click the printer icon in Dock, if printing cannot be resumed. An error message can be displayed for canceling the job, you are required to click ‘Delete’ and reprint the document with black ink.
  2. Access the dialog box of Epson Printer.
  3. In the upper left corner of the Epson Printer, click ‘Driver Settings’.
  4. Load the plain papers and access the print dialog box.
  5. Extend the dialog box by clicking on inverted down button.
  6. Make suitable settings and select the printer and use that for settings.
  7. From the pop-menu, select Print Settings.
  8. As media type setting, select plain papers or envelope.
  9. As the color setting, select Grayscale.
  10. To close the print dialog box, click on ‘Print’.

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