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Easy tricks to run HP Print and Scan Doctor


HP Print and scan Doctor is a free tool for Windows users to help rectify printing and scanning problems which includes corrupt drivers, the issues of firewall, issues of connectivity, printer offline, and scan error messages.

HP has always been the best for consumers as well as businesses. Once you brought that home you can always make use of it in a prescribed manner.

Underlaid are the steps to download and run HP Print and scan Doctor-

  • Install HP Print and scan Doctor on the computer which is connected to your printer.
  • Download HP Print and scan Doctor and follow the on-screen prompt to install.
  • Click on Start to view the list of available printers.
  • Click on Next after selecting your printer in the list.
  • If you come across some connection problem, or problem like your printer is not listed, try clicking on retry.
  • Click on Fix Printing or Fix Scanning.
  • Follow on the further instructions given on the screen to resolve any further issues.

After successfully installing HP Print and scan Doctor,  it comes with several favourable conditions too.

  • HP Print and scan Doctor makes sure that you are connected via USB and it also makes sure that it is connected properly with the network.
  • It makes sure that there are no errors like low ink or feed issues, etc.
  • It also assures that driver is not corrupt or missing.
  • It checks for issues that are causing troublances in the system.
  • If there are stuck jobs it clears the print queue.
  • It makes sure that there are no device conflicts.

Like any technology, HP Print and scan Doctor has its own pros and cons. And the same too has its own concerns. Few are traced below :

  • The program has an option of ‘Network’, where you can disable your firewall. This is the major cause of error in communication, that is why they preferred to have it into the program.
  • You can make your printer default by clicking on ‘Next’. If your printer is not set as default, it will give you an option of setting it in default.
  • You can click on ‘Fix Printing’ and ‘Fix Scanning’ to diagnose and fix problem.
  • The program will start analyzing the printer and will list all the issues you are facing in the same.
  • The last resort can be that you can troubleshoot the firewall and reinstall the software.

If you are still facing any uneasiness with HP Print and scan Doctor, you can contact HP Support. And for any further queries do contact HP Online Support Number at 1-844-898-5888.