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Delete Yahoo Account in 4 easy steps


Do you want to Delete Yahoo Account?

Are you looking for the steps on how to Delete Yahoo Account?

You can choose to close your Yahoo Account anytime. But unsurprisingly, deleting an account with Yahoo will stop access to all the user data stored with them and it will be unrecoverable. Also, your email address will be deleted and will be available for someone else to use.

Therefore, it is advised to do multiple things before you Delete Yahoo Account-

Backup your Yahoo Emails and Attachments

There might be some important documents or your personal images in your Yahoo mail, hence it is advised to take backup of all your data. Apart from the attachment, take the backup of the most important emails or forward them on secondary email.

Export Yahoo Contacts

In case if you have valuable contacts in your email, export them. To export the contacts on your Yahoo, go to the ‘Contacts’ option and export them either as a .csv file from Yahoo.

Ensure Access to Yahoo Products

If you have subscribed to any other products on Yahoo, you will be required to use the same email for future access. Hence, try changing the primary account to access anything before you Delete Yahoo Account.

Remove Child Accounts

Make sure to delete any child account linked to your account before you take the ultimate step to Delete Yahoo Account.

Remember, that after 90 days you can’t use your Yahoo Account and Yahoo removes your account from its database or servers. As a result, if your Yahoo Account is deleted permanently it cannot be recovered.

Therefore, it is important that you don’t leave any important contact or data in your email.

Also when you go through the process to delete your data you are terminating the following-
  • Yahoo ID
  • Mail Data of Yahoo
  • Yahoo Address Book Data
  • Flickr Account
  • Yahoo Small Business Data
  • Hot Jobs Data
  • Yahoo Geocities Data
  • My Yahoo Data
  • Yahoo Briefcase Data

You can permanently delete your Yahoo Account using the website or from the app in your device.

Make sure that you have canceled the paid Yahoo Services before you Delete Yahoo Account-
  1. Open ‘Yahoo’ in your browser, type your Yahoo ID and password and then go to ‘Yahoo Account Delete’ page.
  2. It is very likely that you will be required to enter a CAPTCHA to make sure that you are a human and not bot.
  3. Once you have signed in, you will see the two options of ‘Terminate this Account’ or ‘Return to Account Information’. Click ‘Terminate this Account’.
  4. Once you have hit the button, you have 90 days to recover the account and if you don’t want to retrieve the account do not access it for 90 days.
Things to Remember- Here are some important things before deleting your Yahoo Account-
  • Username and Password: Others will use your username and so the receiver might receive the messages if senders use your old email.
  • Reactivate a closed account: You can reactivate your old account even if it is marked for deletion. Log-in to your account within 40 days after deleting it. Log-in through Yahoo Mail web page and once you have reactivated the account you can start getting the emails once again. You will not receive any emails while it was closed.
  • Emails after closing Yahoo Mail Account: The senders will receive a delivery failure message but the message will no longer be seen if they reactivated their account.

Follow the above solutions to fix Delete Yahoo Account, but if the issue still persists get in touch with Yahoo Support Number and for further, any queries contact Yahoo Customer Care Number Toll-Free at 18448985888. Read our Yahoo Support series to solve similar issues.