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Resolve Canon Printer Error


While printing if Canon Printer Error error occurs such as the machine is out of the paper or paper is jammed, automatically a troubleshooting message will be displayed. You are required to take a suitable action as described in the message.

When Canon Printer Error occurs the ‘Alarm’ lamp will flash orange and an error code will be displayed on the screen.

For few errors of Canon Printer Error, the ‘Alarm’ and ‘ON’ lamp will flash alternately. You can take appropriate action to resolve the error after checking the status.

Error Codes and Solutions for Canon Printer Error

  • E13/1686/1688: Your ink cartridge might have run out of the ink.  You can replace the ink cartridges which are compatible with your device.
  • U162: Despite inserting the ink cartridge, if you are coming across the message of ‘display a new cartridge’, then follow the below steps.

On your Canon Printer, find, press and hold the ‘Stop/Reset/Resume button for 10 seconds. This is for the printer to know that you have read the message but you still want to continue. The printer will allow you to print normally.

  • E04: You would have installed the cartridge incorrectly. You need to retract the output tray before opening the cover, re-install the cartridges by pushing them to the right places and close the printer before resuming to print.
  • E05: This error will cause Orange light to blink 5 times and is caused if the printhead is installed incorrectly.
  • E14: The Orange light will blink 14 times when this error occurs. The error signifies that the ink cartridge is not supported by printer or ink tank being sold to a different region from where it was originally bought from.
  • E15: This error occurs when the cartridge is not recognised and you can resolve this issue by lifting the cover of the ink cartridge and ensuring the ink cartridge is inserted.
  • 1486/1487: There may be chances that ink cartridges are installed in the wrong position, and a simple check of cartridge codes and re-installation should resolve this concern.
  • E07: A tri-coloured cartridge could be used in your Canon Printer and only official Canon cartridges but that does not mean that you can’t use compatibles to resolve the issue. The slots in the Canon printer may look the same but they only identify the colour and black cartridges.
  • B200: This is a service error which is caused by a hardware failure with either the printer or print head.

In such cases, you can turn off the printer, disconnect the power cable, open the printer cover and check for any extra foreign products in the printer.

  • 5011: This error is a printing error and you can resolve this error by unplugging the printer off and can try printing again.
  • 306: The error refers to the occasions and when you are looking to print from Mac. You are required to click Apple Icon>System Preferences> Print and Fax. If the Padlock is locked, you can enter your password and click ‘Ok’. Click the (-) to remove the printer and (+) to add it again on your default settings.
  • 5100/5200/5400/5700/6000: The error shows that service error has occurred. You can disconnect the power cable and open the printer cover.

If necessary, remove the orange protective tape, close the cover and try to reconnect again.

  • 1682/1684: This error refers to as that your printer is having trouble recognising the cartridge. This might be because of gold contract area has been obscured. Remove the cartridge and make sure that there is no dirt on gold contract area by using a kitchen towel. Reinstall the cartridge and try printing again.

The above-listed errors are some of them you might come across while using the printer. If you still face issue regarding Canon Printer Error, feel free to contact Canon Printer Support. And in case of other issues, you can get in touch with Canon Support Phone Number at 18448985888. Read our Canon Printer Support series to solve similar issues.