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3 Easy Steps for Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot


Amazon Fire Stick is a streaming media player that plugs directly into your HDMI port. You can connect to your HDTV and start streaming movies, TV Shows, songs, Hotstar, Netflix, etc. Disturbingly, with any technological advances, it has its own cliches too. These days the most common errors you might be facing in Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot are laid below:

Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot Steps


Unplug the power supply for about 30 seconds from your Amazon fire stick but do not unplug it from the HDMI. This resets the communication of your Amazon fire stick. The first step of resetting Amazon fire stick is to unplug the power supply from the fire sticks and wait for 30 seconds, reconnect it and see if it works or not.

Step 2

The next step in resetting Amazon fire stick is to reset the power cycle of the remote. Take off the cover and take out your batteries for 30 seconds and put it back in and see if you have established a connection.

Step 3

If the above two steps of resetting the Amazon fire stick doesn’t work and your Amazon fire stick is still not working than hold the home button for 10 seconds. Holding the power button of Amazon fire stick re-initializes the Bluetooth connection. Hold for 10 seconds and wait for another 30 Seconds to a minute to see if Bluetooth connectivity is re-established and your Amazon fire stick starts working. When it re-establishes Bluetooth connectivity you can go to your device to see that your remote is actually connected. 

3 Step Solution: Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot

  1. Make sure your batteries are seated well.

    Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot: Step 1
    Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot: Step 1
  2. Press the home button twice for 10 seconds.

    Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot: Step 2
    Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot: Step 2
  3. If your Amazon Fire Stick is still not working, follow the below steps:
    1. Unplug the power of your device
    2. Plug it in and wait for it to boot
    3. Wait to see a pop up on the screen
    4. Press the home button twice for 10 seconds

Below are some issues that you might find while troubleshooting the Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Amazon Fire Stick blank screen.
  • Amazon Fire Stick no signal.
  • Amazon Fire Stick streaming issues.
  • Amazon Fire Stick not recognized by the device.
  • Amazon Fire Stick won’t communicate with a stick.
  • Amazon Fire Stick only visuals are available, no audio.

You may come across above issues in Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot. Underlaid are few solutions to overcome  Amazon Fire Stick Troubleshoot:

  • Compatibility Check: Go to ‘Remotes Compatible with Fire TV Devices.’ Make sure it is connected on ‘Bluetooth’.
  • Setup Issues: Go to ‘Amazon Fire TV Remote Basics’ if you are facing trouble in inserting batteries into your remote. Make sure that AAA batteries in the remoter are fresh and are in working condition.
  • Turn off the Unaccustomed Devices: Put off the one which is not in regular use, if there are more than 7 actively connected remotes.
  • Check the remote range: Make sure that your remote is within 10 feet of your Fire TV device. Avoid keeping your Fire TV Device in a cabinet since it affects the strength of remotes.
  • Pair your remote again: Press and hold the ‘Home’ button. The remote should be able to pair within a minute.
  • Loose Connection or Low Battery: Make sure that the stick is firmly inserted into your TV HDMI port. If the Fire TV Stick still does not show up on the device check for the stick is fully charged using the USB.
  • Defective Motherboard: There are higher possibilities that if the Amazon Fire TV Stick, this means that the motherboard might be unsound and it is to be replaced. Do it in the case of the last expedient.
  • Re-boot and repair: You can start with re-booting and re-pairing your devices. Make sure that it is fully charged.
  • Low Battery: Scrutinize that the battery is well-placed.
  • In-operative remote buttons: If the remote buttons are unbudgeable or are not working properly, do replace them.
  • Video but no audio: Check that the device is not muted and is well volumed.
  • Compatibility Concerns: The TV Stick might not be compatible with external speakers. Change your settings to default.
  • Imprecise Audio Settings: Go to the Home Screen, enter into Settings, select the Dolby Digital Output Option and make sure that it is off.
  • Distorted HDMI: Be very sure that HDMI port is working appropriately. You can try plugging TV Stick into another device.

If your Amazon fire stick remote is still not working  and you want help in Amazon fire stick troubleshoot you can call our Amazon Firestick Support team at Amazon Fire Customer Service Phone Number at 1-844-898-5888.