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3 Easy Steps to fix Hotmail not Working on iPhone


While looking in the issue of Hotmail not Working on iPhone, one must consider that Hotmail is outdated and is being replaced by Outlook, which can also be one of the concerns for people who are looking for solutions to overcome Hotmail not Working on iPhone.Henceforth, it is advised to choose the Outlook option so that Hotmail starts working on your iPhone.

If Hotmail not Working on iPhone i.e. you are unable to receive emails on your iPhone, then follow the steps below-

Before you begin-

Make sure that backups are made in iClouds and iTunes but not in your emails. And, in case you make the alterations in your email account settings, some previously downloaded emails might get removed from your iOS device.

Be sure that you have an active internet connection and your device can connect to the internet.

Outlined are the steps to overcome Hotmail not Working on iPhone-

  1.  For unsent emails, check Outbox

  • If you come across that your email was not sent, then the email goes to Outbox. It is advised to check your Outbox and try to send the email again.
  • In Mail, in the upper-left corner tap Mailboxes, click on ‘Outbox’. In case you cannot see the option of ‘Outbox’ that signifies that your email was sent.
  • You can type the email, make sure that the recipient email address is correct and tap ‘Send’.
  1. Check your Email Address and Password

  • Make sure that you enter a correct password if mail asks you to enter a password. Sign-in to your email provider’s website to check your email and password.
  • The most advisable solution is to contact your email provider or system administrator in this case.
  1.  Check your Settings

  • For many email providers, iOS automatically will use the correct account settings when you set up the email account on your device and to make sure that your account settings are correct, compare Mail App settings to the email account settings.
  • Go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords and click on your email account. Click on your email address next to Account to see the information of incoming and outgoing mail servers.
  •  Check recommended settings in ‘Mail Settings Lookup’ tool and make sure that they have the same appearance as shown on the screen. In case if you cannot see the settings of your email account, contact email provider or system administrator.
  • You can only check email on one device at one time. Close other programs and sign out of webmail sites you have opened. Go to Settings>Accounts and Passwords>Account and look for Pop Account Information. Check the email settings in your email account in ‘Mail Settings Lookup’ tool.

4. Troubleshoot Hotmail on iPhone

  • To troubleshoot the issues with Hotmail on iPhone, remove the account from your device and begin the process again.
  • Click on ‘Settings’ from your iPhone home screen and tap on ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’. If you have previously set up your Hotmail Account, select it from the list and click on ‘Delete Account’.
  • Select ‘Add Account’ option and begin the configuration process again. Select account type as ‘Microsoft Exchange’.
  • Enter your entire Hotmail address and type your Hotmail password in the suitable field. To continue, tap ‘Next’.
  • As the mail server address, enter ‘’  and click on ‘Next’.
  • Move the ‘Mail Slider’ option to ‘On’ after complete setup.

In case if you are still looking for help and resolve Hotmail not working on iPhone, you can contact Hotmail Phone Number and for any further queries feel free to get in touch with Hotmail Customer Service Number at 18448985888. Read our Hotmail Support series to solve similar issues.